Esquires | Size Chart

How to measure accurately for safer purchases!

We source our products from a wide variety of manufacturers and no supplier works to the same sizing standards.

We have a lot of experience in sizing children based on measurements supplied by parents and our extensive knowledge of individual garments.

We do not get our advice correct 100% of the time but we are striving to improve on the 98% success rate we have achieved to date.

Our success of the online site relies on parents providing accurate measurements of their children. 

Please take a moment to read this sizing advice.

Sizing tips
- You will need your child, a measuring tape, paper and pen
- Make sure your child takes his or her shoes off and removes any bulky items of clothing like jumpers or baggy trousers
- The measurements should be actual body measurements
- Do not be tempted to add too much “room for growth” at this stage,
A. Height
- It helps to do this against a wall or door frame
- Ask your child to stand straight, shoulders relaxed, flat on their feet
- Make sure he or she is looking straight ahead and not leaning back
- Measure from the base of the feet to the crown of the head.
B. Chest
- Make sure your child has removed any bulky jumpers or clothes, you need a body measurement
- Ask your child to have their arms hanging loosely by their sides
- Measure round the body at chest height
C. Waist
- School uniform is not designed to be worn in line with low-waisted/hipster fashions, you need the natural waistline
- Make sure your child has removed any bulky items as you need a body measurement
- Measure around the natural waistline, just above the hip bone
D. Inside leg
- Required if ordering trousers including tracksuit bottoms
- Measure from the top of the inside leg to the length you would like the trousers to be
E. Waist to knee
- Required for skirts, culottes and boys shorts
- Measure from the natural waistline to mid knee
F. Neck to knee
- Required for dresses, overalls and long coats
- Measure from the nape (base) of the neck to the middle of the knee
G. Head
- Measure round the circumference of the head just above the brow
H. Neck
- Measure round the neck with two fingers between measuring tape and skin
I. Arm length
- With a straight arm measure from the crown of the shoulder (end of the shoulder bone) to the thumb joint
Shoe Size
- This will be required if ordering any shoes or socks (including sports socks)